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Settling Differences

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 6:57pm by 1st Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana & Lieutenant JG Sigrun Sarif

Mission: New allies, new enemies.
Location: Deck 9
Timeline: MD003-1000

Tanithil walked down the corridor tricorder and datapad in hand his conversation with Alierin had provided much-needed insight and despite some minor issues during their chat, he felt more rejuvenated after getting his issues out in the open. Tanithil wanted to end the trend of avoiding social interactions as he felt if he was going clear across the Galaxy cooped up on a ship full of aliens might as well learn to become part of the family so to speak.

After all, they were all in this together and what good was it to isolate yourself and be a man of mystery amongst your crew mates. Plus he had promised his friend Arwen who seemed to have found more success in making a few alien friends on her post and had many opportunities to share Si’Loren culture with them to which seemed to build a stronger bond with some of the aliens in her crew. She had always told Tanithil how wonderful it was to have friends to talk to and confide in or come to her for advice.

But she had seemed concerned when Tanithil had informed her during their last communication he had no such luck on his endeavors which she felt saddened to hear that he didn’t take time to let others get to know the kind man she knew since they had been thru so much in their lives together fighting The Dominion attending Starfleet Academy and so forth. Tanithil walked over to the turbo lift and entered to find it empty and took a moment to fix his uniform jacket.

***Security office***

"Send that report to the marine captain, it is clear they still need to get the hang of security operations and how to handle situations with a little more care." Sigrun said to the ensign sitting on the other side of her desk. "I never understood the idea of using marines for security, they are combat trained and minded and that is just a different cup of tea to what we do. Anyhow we can complain about it or do something about it and I have the feeling the marine captain has more brain than most of us here so it will turn out just fine." she added.

"Of course Lieutenant, anything else you need from me?" The ensign asked.

"No that be all and take some shut eye when you are done, I know you are just like me, but we need sleep we don't have the same Romulan blood as the captain has." Sigrun said with a somewhat tired small the drills where already taking effect.

"Understood and I feel you lieutenant." the ensign stated before making his way out of the office.

Tanithil had arrived on Deck 9 scanning the corridor with his tricorder while entering data onto his datapad as he was busy getting the proper dimensions of the ship for the holo program he was writing. He had noticed the few programs in the database was some what out of date as these was last dated prior to the Infinity being mothballed.

Obviously who ever was tasked on getting the ship back into service had been slacking on their job as he recalled that night in his quarters when things were malfunctioning. But now these programs the Marines was to use were not even worth using as apparently engineers and ship designers had a knack for loving to change things all the time.

Tanithil saw an Ensign walk past him from the Security office while he was conducting scans and greeted him as he passed by. Tanithil took an another scan with his tricorder before entering the data into the datapad while he entered the Security office. His attention on his datapad plucking away on it and on the tricorder not even aware of his surroundings in the room.

Sigrun looked up at the new arrival wondering if there was an security issue to be reported, but instead she saw Tanithil absorbed into his work, "Good morning First Lieutenant, anything we can do for you?" she asked politely not sure if he needed to be in the office or was a bit lost.

The moment Tanithil heard her voice his eyes widened how the hell did he not notice that woman in the room? Was he so engrossed in his work he didn’t even notice his surroundings or even her in the vicinity?

Before he knew it he let out a growl could feel his rage building up inside him his muscles flexing under his uniform ready for combat if need be. But Tanithil recalled his talk with Alierin earlier about the situation and closed his eyes doing his best to compose himself. “I do not need help from YOU.” He snapped.

Sigrun raised an eyebrow, "I was just asking first lieutenant seeing you entered my office and most people do so because they need me for something. However if you just wandered in I will not hold you from leaving. I would however suggest you get some rest or otherwise relax as you seem agitated today, anyhow it is all up to you good day first lieutenant." she then said calmly and politely before turning her own attention to her own paperwork assuming the situation was dealt with. After all he was not the first grumpy person she had seen with all the lack of sleep people had from the endless drills mandated by the captain.

Tanithil closed his tricorder and felt his brow crease as he felt she was being rather evasive. “I am in an agitated state cause of YOU, Human.” He shot back.

Sigrun looked up again leaning back in her chair a little, "First off, adjust your tone first lieutenant we are on equal footing here and I believe you wish to be talked to in a respectful manner as well. Secondly if you have an issue with me it would help greatly if you explained what it was that caused it, cause I have no issues with you." her tone while still polite had gotten a sharp edge to it for the first sentence cause she really did not like nor accept the way she was being talked to and wanted that clear, but it dropped back to just polite for the rest she said.

Tanithil snorted and blinked his eyes how ignorant was this woman? Whatever the case though she was making him even angrier by the moment with her arrogance. “Respect? You wish me to RESPECT you after what you did to me?” He walked over to her desk and slammed his tricorder and datapad on the top of it. “I should not have to explain what you did cause you were there playing this...STUPID game you Humans do that I wanted no part of!” He retorted.

Sigrun slowly rose up from her seat after hitting a small alarm below her desk, "First lieutenant you are aggravated, behaving out of line and threatening without being willing to clearly and calmly state the problems you have either me in person or my office. I am going to ask you once to calm down right now and either sit down to calmly and politely explain your issues or leave this office before I am forced to take action." as she spoke two armed security officers appeared from the other room standing near the door silently ready to step in as needed. "So what will it be First lieutenant, speak your mind calmly or leave until you are ready to do so?" Sigrun added then standing straight and firm, not even remotely matching the size or bulk of the marine, but clearly not willing to give way even an inch.

Tanithil took a moment to compose himself thinking of the promise he made to Alierin. He leaned on her desk inhaled and exhaled a couple of times. But he sure as hell wasn’t to go anywhere till they resolved this ordeal one way or another even if it meant breaking a few bones to do so.

Tanithil watched her breasts rise and fall showing a sign she was on edge possibly expecting him to rip off her head. “Look, I promised I would try to settle this with you peacefully.” He began. Tanithil looked at Sigrun and waited for her to make her next move as he sure as hell wasn’t going to go anywhere.

"Good, than please sit down first lieutenant and take a few long deep breaths. Whatever it is that is upsetting you this much must be quite serious. So if you can calm down we can discus this and if you want to do so we can do this in private, but for that I need your word that you will remain calm." Sigrun stated her own voice back to calm and polite before taking 2 steps to the replicator to get a bottle of water which she placed on Tanithil's side of the desk. It was one of the oldest tricks in the book to help upset people calm down, the process of opening a bottle and drinking from it tended to take just enough focus to allow people to ever so slightly forget what was upsetting them so much.

Tanithil adjusted himself on the desk to where his legs were dangling and set the bottle of water to the side. He jabbed a thumb to the guards at the door and not saying a word just sat there waiting for her to do something about it.

"Please First lieutenant take a seat, not my desk." Sigrun said giving both the guards a nod to leave the room knowing they would be right outside the door, people tended to protect their own after all and she had no doubt that Tanithil would know that was exactly what they would do.

Tanithil sighed sitting up from the desk fixing his uniform jacket but as he did so he lost his footing causing him to fall forward toward Sigrun his hands landing firmly on her breasts. His eyes widened as he was rather shocked by his unintentional action of touching her inappropriately.

“I...I...” He stuttered as he tried to apologize to her.

Sigrun was literally gasping for air as she pushed away the marine without to much issue with him not having any balance at all. With her lungs freed up from the mass she took a few deeps breaths feeling with her hands around her ribs to ensure nothing had gone bust.

Tanithil smoothed out his uniform and took note of Sigrun examining herself as if she was looking for any signs of broken bones. He was large but he didn’t think his mass was enough to break any bones in her. Tanithil walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Are you alright?” He asked.

"I would strongly suggest you take your hands off me, park yourself in that chair and start talking. I don't know what it is, but I really want to find out by now." Sigrun said unable to fully keep her annoyance and disapproval out of her tone. She really was not sure how to handle the situation anymore, she had simply never experienced anything like it.

Tanithil kept his hand on her shoulder but instead in moved about in front of her. “I think it is now you that must relax.” He replied. Tanithil placed her in one of the empty chairs nearby and he took a seat in the empty chair across from her. Her perfume filling his nostrils what ever it was it sure was rather soothing. Tanithil removed his hand from her shoulder and rubbed his palms together. “Okay, now listen I am not very good at this.” He began.

"The longer you wait the worse it will be." Sigrun said remembering a classic line from her mother as her mind was still trying to unscramble itself.

Tanithil stared to get a bit agitated by her impatience and began to growl slightly. Doing his best to stay calm he placed his left index finger on Sigrun’s lips in an effort to get her to quiet down. “Stop it, You are making this harder for me than it already is.” He told her.

The strike came swiftly as Sigrun beat his hand away before she stood up, "Get out, before I will have you arrested for harassment." it was the final straw for her, clearly the man was upset about something and she would love to know what, but not if he could not keep his hands to himself, it was the first time she truly snapped and her anger radiated clearly, this time she was not defensive, but clearly ready to take whatever action she deemed required.

Tanithil held his hand he was trying to calm her down but it didn’t seem like it was helping but also Sigrun was starting to anger him. His mind raced he felt this opportunity was slipping away and if nothing was done it would be a matter of time before they wound up into a brawl or worse one of them dead.

Without thinking Tanithil closed his eyes grabbed Sigrun by the shoulders and kissed her passionately. But the moment his lips parted from hers he realized that he may have crossed a boundary completely he could see it now Sigrun was going put his sorry ass in the brig or worse she was going to beat him.

Tanithil felt his body start to tremble he was literally scared and to be honest nothing scared him he was a warrior a soldier he saw things and done things that make grown men wet themselves. But this was something completely different his fate was now in her hands he removed his hands off of her that was now shaking and standing there in fear waiting for her to make her move just end it.

Sigrun let out a scream that perhaps held a meaning or perhaps not, surely it was not in any known vocabulary. Her right leg swung out in a sharp kick to the side of Tanithil's knee and as she recovered her left hand swung out in a palm strike squarely aimed at his chin and despite all her anger her training had taken over as she made sure to limit the force to avoid anything lethal, but it was surely enough to knock a human on the floor if not knocked out cold. As she attacked the two security officers rushed into the room moving in to break up whatever was going on as all they could see was their superior attacking the marine.

Tanithil fell to his knee holding his jaw he had really screwed up now as this whole opportunity between him and Sigrun to resolve the issue was now lost. He slowly stood up on his feet and fixed his uniform jacket and smoothed out his trousers. "I see I have made a grave error in judgment, therefore, we can discuss the matter in the lounge at a different time." He said and rubbed his jaw again before staggering to his feet trying to leave the area as fast as he could. Instead he felt his head spinning and made it over to the door before pressing his back against the wall next to it slowly sliding down back onto his rump trying to gather his bearings.

"Get medical." the larger of the two security officer said to the other as he jumped in to restrain Sigrun who very much looked ready to have an other go at the marine. "Lieutenant stand down!" the officer shouted in order to get through to Sigrun who just stood there, her gaze locked on Tanithil and her breathing heavy, but steady.

The other office knelt next to Tanithil looking him in the eyes, "Think he might have a concussion." he said before tapping his combadge, "Security to sickbay, prepare for 1 patient with possible concussion." he said before tapping his badge again, "Ops site to site transport from my location to sickbay in 3." and with that he and Tanithil vanished from the office.

"Get out." Sigrun finally said to the remaining officer.

Stepping back just a little, "Lieutenant what the hell did just ha.." he started to ask.

"Just get out and leave me alone." Sigrun interrupted him her voice oddly calm, but ever so dangerous.

Seeing it was clear that he was not going to get through the lieutenant as she stood and the fact that he did not fancy his chances getting into a fight the officer left the room still wondering what had caused his normally calm and controlled superior to assault the marine.


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