Lieutenant Akhila Tendulkar

Name Akhila Tendulkar

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68 m
Weight 53 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Akhila is a slender, very attractive young woman with an athletic but femininely curved form, a clear, smooth olive complexion, long, dark wavy hair and a warm, winsome smile. Her voice is warm, soft and naturally reassuring to those who look to her for healing and assurance. There is something about her face which might say "aloof beauty" as a first impression, but that quickly disappears as one gets to know her. To those close to Akhila, her facial features reflect both her passion for her profession and her general affability.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Mithilesh Tendulkar
Mother Jagruti Tendulkar
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Indira Tendulkar
Aishwarya Tendulkar
Other Family Commander Sachin Tendulkar (uncle, father's younger brother)
Loysa Andrada (maternal grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Akhila is a quiet, competent young woman who enjoys a good challenge, but, on occasion, can be quick to take exception from a slight, real or perceived. She is a generally affable person, emotionally well adjusted and an incredibly competent professional. She is confident enough in herself that she eschews both false humility and false mastery.
Akhila possesses a genetic anomaly which, though it confers no active abilities on her, makes her immune to the telepathic/empathic abilities of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Akhila is an incredibly competent medical professional, both in diagnostics and the general treatment of patients. In addition, she is a generally affable person who is emotionally well adjusted and is adapting well to the customs and protocols that comes with serving in Starfleet. She can become short tempered with individuals who she believes are being intentionally obtuse and, in the words of one past superior, "does not suffer fools gladly.
Ambitions For now, Akhila is happy with "Expanding her horizons," though she does plan to return to research at some point in the future
Hobbies & Interests Akhila is an avid Kabbadi player and fan, and can seeming rattle of statistics spanning across decades, if not centuries
Akhila is a sporadic chess player, becoming a devoted player for months before suddenly losing interest
Akhila has an excellent mezzo-soprano voice, and is especially fond of songs originating from North America in the first half of the twentieth century
Akhila also enjoys 'swashbuckling' entertainment, which includes everything from early twentieth century 'movies' like "Captain Blood" to holodeck novels based on the works of Alexandre Dumas. In addition, she is a accomplished swordswoman with a number of blades, and especially those that have made a 'cinematic' appearance. She does have the bad habit of discussing misrepresentation of sword usage in different mediums, even when shushed by others trying to watch/participate in the drama in question. She has also won the varying title of 'liege' in the various duchies, kingdoms, etc., of the local chapters of the Society of Creative Anachronism of the various places where she has resided.
Akhila enjoys tumbling, including zero-G tumbling, and won more than a few regional tournaments growing up.

Personal History June 4, 2379---

"Akhila Tendulkar."

As Akhila rose to her feet to cross the stage, a polite round of applause rose from the audience, with the applause especially loud from one section that included a very loud (and definitely out of place) "WootWootWoot!"

The last definitely brought a few chuckles from the audience and a dark blush to Akhila's face. The source of the outburst was one Lt. Commander Ryan Phelps, most recently Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Alamgir and best friend of her uncle, Lt. Commander Sachin Tendulkar. The two men had been best friends since their Academy days, and were due to report to Starfleet Academy Command School on the fifteenth. Her Uncle Sachin had (of course) invited his best friend along to visit his older brother and his family and, incidentally, witness his niece graduating from medical school at the age of twenty.

The thirty-four year old Ryan had immediately began flirting in an outrageously comedic fashion with Akhila, much to her embarrassment and the amusement of her family. Secretly, Akhila was thrilled with the attention that the handsome, dashing Ryan was giving her, but she kept that bit of information to herself. She would have been surprised (and delighted) if she had known that Ryan's theatrics covered his very real attraction for the beautiful, brilliant and personable niece of his best friend. But it was that "best friend" position that would ensure that everything Ryan said would remain a joke.

Akhila made a small wave to her family (and Ryan!) as she accepted her diploma, then resumed her seat. Four more diplomas were awarded before a small break in the ceremony was made for a guest speaker. Akhila thought it was an odd tradition, but Maulana Azad Medical College had a number of traditions it had collected over the last four and a half centuries, including more than a few from offworld.

Akhira mentally shrugged as she settled in to listen to the Andorian Consular General of Delhi begin a lengthy recollection of the history of Human/Andorian medical cooperation.

August 7, 2382 ----

"Once a day, for seven days. If the condition does not clear, please contact me immediately." Akhila's demeanor and voice were both abnormally formal but, considering she was prescribing a treatment to an elderly Vulcan male who was the very epitome of 'venerable,' her behavior was understandable.

The Vulcan in question gave a slow nod to Akhira as he rose to his feet. "My gratitude, Healer." The elderly Vulcan formed his right hand in the traditional Vulcan salute before stating, "Peace and Long Life." Akhira formed her right hand in the same shape and responded, "Dif tor heh smusma."

The right eyebrow of the Vulcan might...might...have risen a micrometer as he gave Akhila another somber nod before taking his leave. As soon as he was out of the examination room, a blonde, fair skinned woman in her mid thirties immediately rushed in.

"You identified that pretty fast," the blonde told Akhila. "And you did that salute and response like you've been doing it all your life," she added.

Akhila shrugged. "I pretty much have. Nagpur has been the cultural jumping off point for Vulcan cultural exploration of the subcontinent almost since First Contact. And Valkana kāna has been something Vulcans have been suffering from just as long."

"Valka...valka.." the blonde tried to repeat.

"Sorry. Officially it's Iunogena Temperatus Aurem," Akhila explained. "From centuries ago, when every disorder had a Latin name slapped on it by the medical authorities of the newly United Earth. But, considering that the first cases were diagnosed and eventually treated in Nagpur from Vulcans returning from the Kush, most physicians in Nagpur refer to it by its local name. Hang around for a couple of more years, and you'll be calling it the same thing, Linda."

"And I suppose you've been treating it since you were out of diapers," Linda replied with a laugh.

"Actually, when I just started college," Akhila began, "I did work in the clinic with my mother. And one of my first projects---"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, when you were fourteen, you cured some incurable disease on the back of a menu." Akhila just laughed at her friend.

"You know," Linda continued, looking at the chronometer on the wall, "I understand the need for clinic time, but I really did come to Nagpur to do research, and time does drag when I'm having to do my clinic duty. Which I know you don't mind, because unlike us mere mortals, you can do your research on the back of a menu."

Akhi;a giggled. "I like being an actual doctor as well as being a researcher." Akhila checked the chronometer before adding. "But I do need to get changed. I'm meeting Uncle Sachin for lunch."

"Who you still need to set me up with for a date. Yes, yes, I know, he's a womanizer," Linda said, staving off any protests from Akhila before adding, "But I don't mind being the girl he has in this particular port."

Akhila just shook her head in mock disgust and laughed. Linda asked, "So has he talked you into a career in Starfleet yet?"

"Maybe," Akhila conceded. "He's been Second In Command---"

"I think they call him the Executive Officer," Linda interrupted.

"You're right," Akhila conceded with a nod. "Anyway, life on the Shivalik sounds interesting. And yes, I'm aware of the pitfalls. But..." Akhila shrugged before continuing, "It just sounds like I could do more, and learn more, than I could here. It's hard to explain."

"Well, whatever you decide," Linda laughed, "You still have to hook me up with your uncle."

"Your incorrigible," Akhila answered, shaking her head in mock disappointment.

May 1, 2387---

"Rhe average Vulcan has 32 teeth," the young human male responded.

"Twenty eight," Akhila corrected, opening her mouth and pointing to the back. "Vulcans don't have these."

"Twenty eight," the young man repeated, sighing dramatically as he leaned back. He and Akhila were sitting on the grass of one of the many lush green commons scattered across the Starfleet Medical Academy, surrounded by other students who were taking advantage of the beautiful day as they studied for their finals. "You know, we could just run away and blow off finals. I've always wanted to climb Galartha on Risa."

Akhila laughed. "My Uncle Sachin has forbidden me to get within twenty light years of Risa. And anyway, I already got my speech ready. In case I get either the salutorian or valadectorian spot," she added with a laugh.

"I don't think anyone else has ever taken all the engineering extension courses available at the Academy," the young man noted, peering over at the subjects Akhila was studying. "Must be nice to have already gotten everything else out of the way before you even showed up," he added with a grumble.

"Hardly," Akhila replied. "Always something new in the Comparatives. And speaking of which, is the Vulcan thyroid autonomous or semi-autonomous?"

"Ha!" the young man said with a grin. "Trick question!"

June 4, 2387 ---

"You really should try the redbat," Sachin told his niece, as he took a bite from his own plate. "I guarantee you, you can't get it prepared this good even on Andoria."

"I'll take you word for it," Akhila said, taking a bite from her own plate. "I'll stick to something more pedestrian."

"To each his own," Sachin told his niece, before turning to his own plate.
Uncle and niece were seated at a table in Ludo Mentis Popina, one of the more upscale restaurants in the Luna city of New Berlin. A waiter temporarily interrupted their conversation by refilling their glasses. As soon as the waiter left, the two continued.

"So now that you've graduated," Sanchin asked, "Have you given Personnel your list of preferences for first assignments?"

"I remember what you told me," Akhila laughed. "If I want to get assigned to a ship in the Alpha Quadrant, put in for Beta, and if I want a ship assigned to the Beta Quadrant, put in for ALpha. And if I want to go to the Gamma Quadrant, just put in for it, because they'll send anybody who wants to go to the Gamma Quadrant."

Sanchin laughed at his niece's parroting the old maxim before adding, "I'm fairly sure the Powers that Be will give due consideration to the preferences of the salutorian of her class."

"There's talk about a refit on the Olympic Class," Akhila began. "Starting with the USS Armenia. I realize I am an incredibly junior medical officer, and the new is still fresh on my pips, but I'd like to be involved in that process."

"Pretty big ambitions for someone just out of the gate," her uncle replied. Akhila shrugged, her face reflecting her embarrassment at having such grandiose ambitions, but she didn't back down.

"I'd like you to consider another option. Or rather, make yourself available for other options," Sachin said, producing a PADD. and sliding it across the table.

Akhila took the PADD, the curiosity on her face turning to a combination of shock and surprise with what she saw there. "These are orders for Advanced Tactical Training."

"Then you know what it is," Sanchin stated.

"Generally," Akhila answered. "It's not something I even remotely considered, though."

"Have you ever considered serving on a combat ship?" Sachin asked.

"I thought outside of the Olympic Class, every ship I could be assigned to was a potential combat class," Akhila answered. "I mean, both you and my recruitment officer were fairly clear on that issue. And when I signed up, I acknowledged that I had volunteered to go to any ship where I was needed and my skill set fit."

"You're observatsion is generally correct, but not specifically. You have volunteered to go anywhere that Personnel has decided to send you and yes, every ship in the fleet is a potential combat vessel. Even ships that are perpetually on a milk run," Sachin continued, "But things happen, and some ships get put on the pointy end of things more often than others."

"So what does this have to do with me?" Akhila asked, holding up the PADD.

"There are a lot of reasons why I serve Starfleet, and why I hope you want to serve Starfleet. This..." Sachin tapped the PADD his niece was holding."Well, it opens up new possibilities for you to serve. If you passed this course...and trust me, there is a big failure rate...well, you're smart, good at your job, and from what everyone who knows about these things tells me, you're good at figuring out medical problems that stump other people. You pass the program, it shows people that you're the kind of person who might do well on the pointy end of things, and someone who can do that and has your medical skills could be useful to Starfleet. Don't make a decision now. Just think about it." Trying to change the subject, Sachin asked, "Are you sure you don't want to reconsider trying some of my redbat?

Akhila gave a forced laugh, but her mind was already in motion, considering this new door that her uncle had shown her, and wondering if she should open it.
Service Record 2379 -- Graduated Maulana Azad Medical College
2379-2380 -- First year of residency at Wanjari Hospital
2380-2383 -- Finishes residency at Nagpur Medical Research Institute; remains at Institute as both researcher and physician with clinic associated with the Institute
2383-2387 -- Starfleet Medical Academy
2387-2388 -- Advanced Tactical Training
2388 -- Chief Medical Officer, USS Infinity