U.S.S. Infinity, Task Force 38, Bravo Fleet

“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Welcome to the USS Infinity, rescued from fading away in the mothball fleet we once again stand ready to defend the Federation and her allies.

Know that this is not an easy life to choose, for we are a ship of war first and foremost. Space is not a friendly and forgiving place and even less so are those who oppose the Federation. To serve onboard this vessel means that you are the first to enter any conflict and the last to come out be it alive or otherwise.

If you can deal with that reality than we welcome you among our ranks. As a sim we aim to focus on character development and the realities of living for brief moments of high intensity action and long downtime in between during which we are never truly safe.

Commanding Officer: Jane Vyre
Executive Officer: Open
Current mission: Final preparations
Current status: Code Yellow, critical operations, combat possible.
Sim year: 2388

This sim is rated 18+

Latest News Items

» A follow up with sad news

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2017 @ 4:35pm by Commander Jane Vyre in General News

Hello all,

Alas I wish I could follow up with good news, but reality has decided differently. The following two items I hence have to share with all of you.

First off all Lieutenant Commander Matthew Clayden has been put on non active and has lost his position as XO onboard the USS Infinity due being AWOL (Away Without Leave). This saddens me quite much as I enjoyed his work in the time he was active, but the rules are valid for all and hence this cause of action had to be taken. I hope to be able to find a suitable replacement for Matthew in the near future, or if he returns with an logical reason for being AWOL I might consider reinstating him.

Secondly Lieutenant Hiroshi Miyashita has been removed from the sim for also being AWOL and has as a result not passed his trial period. His role will be taken up by my NPC Lieutenant JG Serena Athrawes until a new recruit has been found for it.

Commander Jane Vyre
Commanding Officer USS Infinity

» The good, the bad and the Awards

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 7:47pm by Commander Jane Vyre in General News

Hello all,

So as is traditional one gets the bad news out of the way at start so allow me. I am not one to keep secrets and I am not afraid to call things out as they happen as I believe everyone should be kept in the loop to a degree. As a result I will have you know that there are currently 2 people on notice due to their inactivity and if this is not sorted out soon I will take the appropriate action against both.

So with that out of the way the good news. I have just handed out the Unity award to the following people:

Lieutenant Evan Lougheed
Lieutenant Samuel Thompson
Captain Alierin Javindhra III
1st Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana

This means that all these players have in my eyes passed their trial periods and are now full members of the crew. As a result all these users will find they have a bit more access now being listed as power users instead of normal users and where needed any moderation has been removed. I would like to thank you all for helping me get this sim started and I know it is still a bit of a rough road as we are finding out feet, but I am seeing promising things happening.

Finally speaking of awards and also promotions, I am terrible at them, like really I forget them all the time because personally I never really cared about receiving them, but it is fun to hand them out :) So please if you feel that some one should get one of our awards which can be found here: http://infinity.carde.nl/index.php/sim/awards Than please send me a PM on the website or on discord and I will take a look at it. Same goes for promotions, though keep in mind the limitations we have (as in no one can be promoted about lt-commander or the equivalent marine rank atm) and also that promotions to me really are an IC reward more so than OOC.

On a final note I know the main mission post is a bit slow, but some things take time to setup and I am really glad to see some input, seriously that makes my day!

All the best,

» CO is back on the boat

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 1:19pm by Commander Jane Vyre in General News

I have returned from the absolute insane, but great Gamescom. So that means I am fully active again if not a bit sleepy still from the long long days.

I been answering some tags and also put in some works to get the main mission rolling towards the fun stuff (or not so fun stuff depending on the outcome) so stay tuned and keep writing :)


» CO on Leave

Posted on Fri Aug 18th, 2017 @ 10:24pm by Commander Jane Vyre in General News

Next week I will be the whole week at gamescom and atm it is time to prep what I need so I might be around for the next two days, but Monday to Sunday I will be on LOA. In my Absence the XO will be in charge.

Please behave all and have some fun :)

» Rules and freedoms

Posted on Mon Aug 7th, 2017 @ 5:40pm by Commander Jane Vyre in General News

To all crew,

I would like to make a few things clear both on the side of rules and on the side of freedoms I offer. To start of with the rules:

As you know I run an activity requirement which lists as follows:

*Those in 'Chief xxx Officer' positions are asked to update running JPs at least once, 5 days a week.

*Those in other positions are asked to update running JPs at least once, 3 days a week.

Now understand that NOVA (the system this website runs on) is not build to track those kind of things so I tend to just look at the posts and see what happens and draw my conclusions from there. Just because it is not clear should not be a reason for you to think "whatever" cause I will figure out and there are real and simple consequences to not living up to these requirements. Those consequences range from a slap on the wrist to removal from the sim. I know it is a hard line I draw in this, but for the better of the sim I simply do not have a choice if people are not active things slow down and with that the fun goes away. Ideally the goal is to always have at least 1 tag for everyone everyday. Now part of these come from me, part of them have to come from your own initiative. Social posts are always an options, but also if you read in briefing X that we will be running drills and in post Y later on your read the general result from those drills there is nothing stopping you from writing a post alone or with others going through a drill.

So with that out of the way lets talk freedoms:

I always have believed in a free form story, as in I create a start, but not an ending. Every player is welcome to insert new things into the story as long as they are fitting, now if you are not sure if your idea will fit just poke me on discord or send a PM here on the website and I will let you know. So if you want to have a pirate ship attack us and play for the pirate ship, be my guest I am not stopping you and how we as a crew respond to it is how we determine success or failure. As for failure it is always an option, if we screw up badly enough we can loose the ship with all hands. If you wish instead to just add a small little twist like perhaps 1 of these Hirogen ships we are facing off with has a new prototype weapon it uses, you are also free to do so.

If you have an idea for a whole mission, again drop it down with me and I will see where we can fit it in. I love input and I love to be surprised by things and be forced to react to a situation which I did not expect I think that is part of the Game part of the RPG that makes it fun. Of course I will always be pushing a story onwards without input, but the more people put in their twists and ideas the more interesting it becomes.

One thing I will remind people of however is our own limitations, while we can give an enemy a fancy new gun because we fancy it, we cannot do so for ourselves. We only have the tools we have and that is that. This is part of the reason why we have to consider our best options at all times.

As always if you want to discus anything or ask anything just tackle me I am more than willing to listen and answer what I can.


Latest Mission Posts

» Reflections and recollections

Mission: Final preparations.
Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2017 @ 2:11am by Lieutenant Akhila Tendulkar & Lieutenant JG Tyler Barrett

"Chief Medical Officer's Log, Supplemental. I have sent a request to the Quartermaster that he requisition additional dosages of Kironide derivatives, the next time we take on supplies. Considering the events of this afternoon, it might be wise to --- Pause log entry."

Akhila had been taking advantage of a…

» Wrong target

Mission: New allies, new enemies.
Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 5:59pm by Commander Jane Vyre & Ensign Sigrun Sarif & 2nd Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana

Jane was seated behind her desk as the pair of officers she had requested to arrive at 0700 did so. She had no a darnest clue what had been going on other than the story that First Lieutenant Heilana had seemed quite aggravated to angry and that after a pause…

» The colors say christmass, but there is not much cheer

Mission: Final preparations.
Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 1:28pm by Commander Jane Vyre & Ensign Sigrun Sarif & Lieutenant Akhila Tendulkar & Ensign Amenset Muburak & 2nd Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana & Lieutenant JG Tyler Barrett

"Security to sickbay, prepare for 1 patient with possible concussion." the comm came in crisp to sickbay.

"Sickbay standing by," Akhila answered before motioning her staff to be ready to put the patient in an empty biobed. "Stay on me and wait for orders," she instructed Amenset.

Amenset nods, holding…

» Mocha Madness

Mission: Final preparations.
Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 9:34am by 2nd Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana & Captain Alierin Javindhra III

Tanithil was relieved to be out of the meeting and away from Sigrun he walked to his office next to Captain Javindhra’s setting the datapad on his desk before taking a seat. He grabbed his mug of Mint Mocha Iced Coffee which had been left out all morning and took…

» Settling Differences

Mission: New allies, new enemies.
Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 6:57pm by 2nd Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana & Ensign Sigrun Sarif

Tanithil walked down the corridor tricorder and datapad in hand his conversation with Alierin had provided much-needed insight and despite some minor issues during their chat, he felt more rejuvenated after getting his issues out in the open. Tanithil wanted to end the trend of avoiding social interactions as he…

Latest Personal Logs

» New Ventures

Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 8:37am by 2nd Lieutenant Tanithil Heilana

Personal Log, Marine Executive Officer, Stardate 65830.1

I have arrived at the USS Infinity currently assigned to the Delta Quadrant where we will be assisting Task Force 38 in their operations on this side of the Galaxy. It is my understanding that information from the Alpha Quadrant will be slow…

» Early riser

Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 2:38am by Lieutenant Akhila Tendulkar

Personal Log, Chief Medical Officer, Stardate 65833.9

My grandmother is very fond of telling me, Daig ng maagap and masipag. The early comer is better than the hard worker. So here I am, two hours before the beginning of my shift, reflecting on my new posting as Chief Medical Officer…

» Delays from command

Posted on Mon Jun 26th, 2017 @ 9:03pm by Commander Jane Vyre

Things out here are not exactly going as planned and this should hardly be a surprise. Starfleet while highly adaptable always seems to be needing some to wake up and adapt to the situation. So far only 2 of my batch of senior officers have arrived and while I still…

» Dark days ahead

Posted on Tue Jun 6th, 2017 @ 4:41pm by Commander Jane Vyre

We are in orbit over Starbase 38 and it seems that things have quieted down somewhat which is a good thing. After missing the battle of the round table as it is already known we have spend most our time to finish the exercise drills. Sadly I am still missing…